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Are You Looking To Protect Yourself From Common Illness Symptoms?


The 5-DEFEND Process

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Formulated By HerbaCap To Do The Job Of Multiple Immune Support Supplements In One


Hundred's Of People Just Like You Around The Country Are Already Benefitting From The 5-DEFEND'S Superior Formula

5-DEFEND Is Easy To Take And Vegan Friendly With No Preservatives, Fillers, Or Artificial Flavors


2 capsules a day will give your immune system the support it needs.

5-DEFEND contains vitamins, herbs and minerals that your body needs and benefits from. Therefore, we recommend you take 5-DEFEND for 3 months which means 3 bottles. After that you will most likely order more after you see the benefits! Order 3 bottles today and take advantage of the additional savings!

Yes, 5-DEFEND is non-GMO. That means it does not contain genetically modified organisms!

Yes, 5-DEFEND is GMP certified. Please contact us for a copy of the certificate.

HerbaCap proudly boasts the following certifications and product claims for 5-DEFEND:

• Antibiotic-Free

• Gluten-Free

• Sugar-Free

• Vegan-Friendly

• Vegetarian

• Hormone-Free

• Made in the U.S.A

• Lactose-Free

HerbaCap’s golden reputation is the best assurance that you are getting the best quality ingredients that do what we say they do. You can also contact us for a copy of the Certificate of Analysis.

Hundreds of people around the WORLD like you are already benefitting from 5-DEFEND

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